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Hindsight - Diamond's Magic


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Recommended by Linking Ring in August Addition

The magician places five cards face down in a spectator's upturned palm, and keeps five cards for himself. Each places the cards behind his back and selects one card unseen.  The two selected cards are exchanged, and placed face up among the face down cards still behind their backs.  Miraculously the exchanged cards match!

The remaining 8 cards match as well but they are all completely different from the two exchanged cards!

"The effect is very easy to do and can be immediately reset.  It could be performed impromptu with a matching pair  and the remaining cards all being of different values. You may already know the prinicipal involved, especially if you work with cards, but if not, give it a try. Recommended."  - Mike Gorman, Linking Ring, August 2006

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