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How to Tell Anybody's Personality by the way they Laugh and Speak by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD - Diamond's Magic

How to Tell Anybody's Personality by the way they Laugh and Speak by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD

Romhany, Paul

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"Finally somebody has updated cold-reading to something that is ultra-modern and a lot of fun..."
- Chris Cox UK Mentalist

"Being able to tell a person's personality by the way they laugh and speak opens up new doors for mentalism presentations as well as an amazing new way to give cold-readings."

- TC Tahoe

If you had a secret weapon that allowed you to see inside the enemy's headquarters to see all their files, documents, and war plans, would your chances of winning be improved? Absolutely. We do have a secret weapon to win over the person you want to impress. It is the science of laughter and speech analysis, or non-verbal language.

This secret weapon is an invaluable tool for any working performer. Many of the top performers in the world are now using this technique to theme their shows, using it to give cold-readins and even enhance their cold-reading business by giving readings over the phone!!

A unique approach for the performer to give readings or theme their mentalism presentation around people's personality by they laugh and speak. Imagine being able to chose the right person to assist you onstage by listening to the way they laugh and speak. This book will open up new possibilities for anybody who gives cold readings, wants to give readings over the phone, or use it in their performance. Twelve years ago Paul Romhany and Ken Ring started work on giving personality readings by the way people laugh and speak. Their research, and work in this field has lead to the publication of "How To Tell Anybody's Personality By They Way They Laugh And Speak." This book opens up new doors for every mentalist and magician who wants to include a fresh approach to giving personality readings. The book dissects the various types of laughter and speech patterns, and how to give readings based on how a person responds to a joke or talks to you.

Paul Romhany now themes his entire one man mentalism show around people's laughter and speech patterns. On stage he will keep his show light and have everybody laughing - all the while actually giving them readings. It's the perfect tool for mentalists who perform any routine where they want to tell the audience something about themselves. For the first time this book is available to the magic and mentalism fraternity. You will learn how to incorporate this in your act as well as give readings on people's laughter and speech.


Your Secret Weapon
Body Language
Is body language teachable?
What is personality?
Getting the big picture

  • Do animals laugh?
  • Chimapanzee laughter
  • Language of rabbits
  • Language of dogs
  • Benefits of laughter
  • Properties of human laughter
  • Laughter as a social signal
  • Laughter as communication
  • Laughter is contagious
  • What makes us laugh?
  • You can tell much from who you laugh with
  • How to get a person to laugh
  • Before you make them laugh

  • How did verbal language originate?
  • The mouth
  • The Voice
  • Why isn't a person talking?
  • Behaviour during Language
  • Using the telephone
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Styles of speech
  • Learn to listen to non-verbal language
  • Why is non-verbal language language so important?
  • A vocabulary of non-verbal behaviour
  • Positive body language
  • Negative Body Language
  • Transitions
  • What happens in the brain?
  • Conclusions about gestures
  • Presentation tips
  • Where in the brain do gestures come from?
  • Know thyself
  • Survey on

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