Ton Onosaka

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Masterpiece, now even better! New & Improved, Surprise triple Climax. 

The magician displays two large plaques, with pictures on each side. 
On the back, both show identical glasses of cola; on the face, one shows a can of Coke, the other Pepsi.

A magical "taste test" is proposed. The plaques are turned back-out, and slowly mixed.

The spectators should be able keep track if which is which, but every time they try to guess, they're wrong.

After several tries, the performer shows Blue Pepsi, so the spectators will automatically think the unshown card is Red Coca Cola.... 

When the un-shown is revealed, it is actually BLACK COCA Cola (Cola Zero). (The Red Coca Cola have changed into Black Coca Cola.)

Finally, the performer sets Black Coca Cola plaque aside. 

Surely the spectators can guess what beverage remains, it seems too easy.... Obviously it's Blue Pepsi.

However, when the plaque is turned around, it bears a picture of a big bottle of orange juice when the plaque is turned around again, the color of the drink in the glass has changed from cola brown to yellow.

・Specially Gimmicked Plaques Makes it Easy to Do

・Great Patter Possibilities

・Lots of Audience Involvement

・Packs Flat, Plays BIG!

・The Size --- 7 inches x 10 inches (17cm x 25cm) 

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