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ART OF SWITCHING DECKS by Roberto Giobbi - Diamond's Magic



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If you want to learn a closely guarded secret for achieving near miracles with a deck of cards, this is the book you want. It teaches you over 30 different ways of imperceptibly switching a deck: start with an ordinary, shuffled deck, switch in a gaffed deck and perform an extraordinary effect, only to end once again with an innocent deck you could even give away.

The deck switches taught are neither pipe-dreams nor knuckle-busting impossibilities, but smartly disguised procedures, strategies and even strong tricks, in the course of which the deck is switched. No gimmicks of any kind are used. These are the actual no-frills methods used by professionals who do not take risks. Everything is described in minute detail, taking into account real-world performing situations – most of the deck switches can be done standing up and surrounded, and there are even a few methods, which you could do in your swimming-trunks!

There is no other book devoted to this important topic—and it holds information that will be of tremendous value to beginning and advanced card magicians alike. The Art of Switching Decks is an in-depth study teaching over 30 deck switches and a few remarkable tricks—163 pages in hardcover,

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