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BOUNCE NO BOUNCE - small - Diamond's Magic


Diamond, Paul

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Original and unfortunately the creator has passed so when they are gone, they are gone!

Two rubber balls that look alike, have the same feel and squeeze act entirely different from one another when they are bounced. One ball bounces like an ordinary ball and the other does not bounce at all. This is accomplished because of the type of rubber they are constructed from. There are countless gags and tricks that can be performed with these balls.

My favorite effect is to call a kid on the stage and tell him you are going to give him the opportunity to win a $20.00 bill. You bounce the "bounce" ball a few times showing that it bounces. You then tell him that if he can make the ball bounce from the floor to past the top of your head the bill is his. Of course you secretly switch the balls and give him the "no-bounce" ball. No matter how hard he throws the ball on the ground, it won't bounce but an inch or two. Very funny! I usually give the kid a consolation prize of a jumbo bill to make him feel good after being a little embarrassed.

These balls are 1 inch round and made from black rubber.

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