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"When Mike sent me his idea for A card at any number I was shocked at the creative, super clean handling he had created." - Mark Mason

"Without doubt X-act is the greatest card effect since Paul Curry’s “Out of This World”. Since my return from FISM I have performed it six times. It left my magical friends stunned. Congratulations to Mike Kirby and to your input in producing such a killer effect. The only regret I have is that I did not create it. This is going straight into my act. It says a lot for it because I normally only perform my own stuff." - Charles Gaucci

"It's a Miracle!" - Doc Eason

"A devilish mechanism so infernal and diabolical, an effect so staggering,
that in earlier, more superstitious times, its operator would be consigned
to a fiery meeting with Azrael, the Grim Reaper of perdition. But it also
works as a really, really good card trick."
- Bob Farmer


"This is an excellent example of great thinking on the part of Mike Kirby and you.
Simple and direct. You have a winner!!!"
- Paul Green

"I will Take two" - Christian Engblom

"A strong, very clean effect for laymen, an ingenious technique for wizards in the background, so really everyone has fun. Highly Recommended!" - Stefan Olschewski (German Magic Circle Magazine)

The buzz about this trick is phenomenal.

X-act is direct, killer magic that you will love to perform. You will love the method almost as much as the reactions you will get, when you perform X-act.

Comes complete with all the special props you require, plus two knockout handling's.

Handling one
A card inside an envelope is placed on the table next to a deck of cards. The spectator asks for any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. The cards are dealt face up one at a time until you reach their selected number. The card is removed from the envelope it matches the card at their number.

Handling two
It gets no cleaner than this. A playing card is laid face down on a spectators hand. (no envelope) The spectator names any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. You deal the cards face up one at a time, finally arriving at the chosen number. Its hard to believe, they turn the card over in their hand. I think you have guessed the rest.

    • Instant reset

    • Only one deck

    • No memory work

    • No multiple numbers to learn

    • Always deal the deck the same way

    • Only one envelope

    • Only one card in version two

    • No switch of any kind

    • No adding jokers

Learn and perform this miracle in 10 minutes.

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