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21st Century Card Magic by James Swain (DISC) - Diamond's Magic

21st Century Card Magic by James Swain (DISC)


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"Cards are power; learn to harness that power and you will be forever rewarded " - From Preface by James Swain. James Swain's book - 21st Century Card Magic - has stunningly effective simple card routines. Improve your sleight-of-hand card skills immediately and with ease. Thorough instructions with photo illustrated explanations to learn. From Introduction by Bill Malone "This book is a perfect way to start off the new century. I have tried many of these routines in front of real people and can attest to their greatness. This book has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished sleight of hand magician. There are so many routines in this book worth performing that I do not have time to mention them all. It is a well known saying, if you can find one trick in a book that you can actually use than you've gotten your money's worth. Well, with this book, you will get your money's worth over and over again. " Contents: Includes Sleights taught for each routine ix Preface xi Introduction by Bill Malone 3 Departure: Invisible Shulien Revelation 7 Tongue in Cheek: Ascanio's Faro Shuffle idea 11 Metamorphosis: Frank Garcia's Pirouette Double Lift; J. K. Hartman's Covered Cop Transfer 17 Ice Breaker: Paul LePaul Flourish 20 A Tribute to Dunninger 23 The 21 Card Trick: Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle; Jay Ose's False Cut; Marlo's Flash Speller 26 Tale of Titanic Thompson 29 Psychic Poker: Phil Goldstein's Binary Cut Sorting Process 33 Bill Malone's "Cut Em High and Tie " 35 Birds of a Feather: Brother Hamman's Swivel Switch; Larry Jenning's Modification of Daryl's Display Sequence 43 Diving Rod: Marlo's Cut and Shuffle Sequence 46 Miraculous: Frank Thompson's Four Card Revelation 50 Equivocally Triumphant 53 The Miracle Deck: Peeking a Card During the Pass 57 The Last Good Trick: Gene Maze's Card Box Load 60 The Four Robbers 64 21st Century Assembly 68 Del Ray's Handling of LePaul's Gymnastic Aces 71 Too Many Jokers Weapons 75 Look Away For.

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