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Rune Klan has become a public sensation for his comedy magic, but before that he was recognized by magicians as an exemplary coin technician. In 1998, a young Danish Rune Klan surfaced with a collection of coin effects unlike any that preceded it. The rules were simple: Rune used no gaffs, and seemingly only three coins. Yet with the simplest of props, he did inexplicable and visual coin tricks. 

This collection contains revolutionary coin magic as difficult as it is amazing. If you're looking for a challenge and a reward, look no further.

This DVD almost wasn't. The master copy was destroyed in a fire, and the footage has been out of print for nearly a decade. Recently rediscovered and recaptured from VHS, Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to make this neo-classic available again.*

"This [DVD] has it all: excellent material, performances, explanations, and production values. If you're a coin man looking for interesting and challenging commercial routines, do not pass this by! Highly recommended." -Michael Close


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