Minuette Aces By Paul Romhany – Diamond's Magic
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Minuette Aces By Paul Romhany - Diamond's Magic

Minuette Aces By Paul Romhany


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"Paul Romhany is one of the busiest working magicians out there. Not only is he in demand with his innovative Charlie Chaplin Act, but he also works a lot of private functions and parties with his close-up magic. This routine comes direct from his close-up act AND his cruise ship show. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of magical close-up theater then this is the routine for you. A well constructed and thought out Four Ace routine that offers some stunning visual effects. This updated DVD includes some new twists Paul has added since the original release as well as the original MINUETTE Aces routine.Perform it as Paul does with a ""music box"" or as a speaking routine and you will have a professionally orchestrated routine that will become a feature of your own close-up show. "

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