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Extreme Card Magic Volume 1 by Joe Rindfleisch - Diamond's Magic

Extreme Card Magic Volume 1 by Joe Rindfleisch


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VOLUME 1 FEATURES CARD ACTS 1- 3:CARD ACT 1MAGIC COIN - Joe's eclectic approach to Paul Curry's classic Open Prediction.10 MATE - A wonderful effect where two cards of like color and value are found by the performer and the spectator. Virtually self-working!HOMING CARD - A classic given the Rindfleisch treatment! An Ace repeatedly jumps from the table back to a packet of cards held in the performer's hand. It ends with a finish that you-and your spectators-won't believe!HALF-MOON RISING (Joe Rindfleisch & Gene Maze) - A beautiful (and impromptu!) rising card miracle.PROCESS OF ELIMIN-ACE-TION - Joe combines Twisting the Aces with Hofzinzer's Four Ace Problem and gets a winning combination!RUB IT IN THEIR NOSE - A gambling expose where the performer beats four Aces with a Royal Flush. But how? By cheating, of course!


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