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Bob Does Hospitality Act 2 - Diamond's Magic

Bob Does Hospitality Act 2

Bob Kohler Productions

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Brand New DVDs from Bob Sheets FROM BOB KOHLER MAGIC. Bob Does Hospitality is a series of three DVDs that covers Bob’s current close-up repertoire of nine routines. These routines are the ones Bob does EVERY DAY. These are the ones that get THE MONEY! Each DVD contains one “ACT”. Each act is built on three dynamite routines that will play well in any close-up situation from strolling during cocktails to table-hopping to formal close-up.With all three acts in his pockets, Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine until he gets to the fourth group—yet each group gets to see a complete show. This strategy is without a doubt the smartest way to work many events. You have enough material to do a really great job but your pockets aren’t filled to the brim and you don’t have to carry a case to the show. Each routine is independent so you can mix and match the routines to the audience in front of you on the fly. The methods for the routines are in a word—easy. Bob has done most of the work for you. If the best method is a gaff, Bob uses a gaff. If the best method is a series of outs Bob shows you what to say and how to say it. Bob uses easy methods so you can concentrate on your performance! But even though the methods are easy the routines are FOOLERS!

TRIPLE TRANSPO — This routine is the classic Copper, Silver, Brass but Bob’s new handling has solved the problem of ringing the gaffed set in and out invisibly without going to your pockets.

GOTCHA — A diabolical multi-phase version of Triumph.

RED HOT MAMA — Bob’s taken Whit Haydn’s work into the stratosphere by developing a series of outs that let the spectators make all of the decisions, change their minds as much as they like, yet you still control the outcome!

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