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100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge by Jay Leslie - Diamond's Magic

100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge by Jay Leslie


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What is the 100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge?
Members from the audience tie you as tightly as they can and you must escape in time.

Jay Leslie has performed the 100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge hundreds of times offering $1,000 if he should fail to escape in time.

Three different performances are included: Two by Jay Leslie in the standing position and one by special guest Mark Logsdon using a chair, in a seated position.

Mark Logsdon has also performed this escape countless times. Between Jay and Mark, you will come away with a solid foundation to add this very exciting routine to your show or perform the escape as an act, all by itself.

The 100 Foot Rope Tie Challenge is 100% legitimate. You will keep the money you earn if you follow what is taught here.

Increase your income.

Learn proven strategies to book more shows and get larger crowds.

Learn the tricks that will make you an expert.

  • What type of rope to use
  • Handling the audience
  • Safety issues
  • Styles of presentation
  • How to advertise
  • Motivational shows
  • School shows
  • Sales meetings
  • Sports events
  • How much time to take
  • Clothing to wear
  • Who is in charge
  • Timekeeping
  • Performing at fairs
  • The puzzle aspect
  • Timing
  • Banter
  • Psychology

And much, much more.

Running Time Approximately 101min

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