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Chris Capehart's 3 - Ring Routine DVD: Since 1975, from the streets of New York, Chris Capehart has dazzled the general public and magicians alike with is 3-Ring Routine.  Audiences applaud an rush to give money when Chris ends his street act with this routine.  This ring routine is straight to the point and in your face.  No wonder it was put into the Stars of Magic in 1981. This is the world's best stage and close-up ring routine, bar none and Chris has been rightly crowned "The Ring Master".  This DVD shows and teaches the moves that were solely created by Chris Capehart.  You will find many of Chris's Moves in the Ninja Ring Routine popularized by Shoot Ogawa.  Chris has been asked to demonstrate and teach his ring routine all across the county.  If you want to learn a ring routine That is in their face, don't settle for the rest, this is the best.


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