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BREAK-A-DECK by Dr. Sawa


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For example...
1. The magician proudly offers this deck to demonstrate his remarkable skill with cards. He mixes the deck, then cuts to all the four cards of s kind in the deck..
"That's as impressive as it gets," he boasts. "In fact, once you've accomplished cutting to four of a kind, everything else pales by comparison --- so you might as well quit right there."
... and with that, the magician tears the deck in half!

2. Ask audience to choose one card, and replace it to the deck.
"I will find your card with a special method you have never seen before." the magician boasts. Then he holds the deck, and tears the deck in half!
After that, there is Only one remaining card... It is the chosen card.

*The aboves are only some of many ways to use these novel props. We are sure you will enjoy developing your own variations.

・The back of the cards are specially printed Bicycle poker cards.

*This product comes with detailed English instruction
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