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M.I.N.T VOL 2 by EDWARD MARLO - Diamond's Magic


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The long-awaited second volume! The legendary cardician of this century, Edward Marlo, provided magicians with more card miracles and miraculous techniques than any teacher in this century. His mind-expanding contributions to The New Tops Magazine for over 20 years, has been collected in the acclaimed M.I.N.T series.

From the foreword by John Racherbaumer: "Genius is the transcendent capacity of taking trouble." Thomas Carlyle--"For almost a half-century, Edward Marlo has taken considerable trouble to record his personal notes on card magic. For the most part, he has done this freely by giving material to magazine publishers. When I started HIEROPHANT and KABBALA, Marlo gave me reams of material. It was thrilling to issue this original material--an output, when combined with stuff from The New Tops and Ibidem. It made an impressive archive. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic? This is dream stuff ideas and effects that look like real magic and strongly influence thinking card men as they determine the historical course of modern card magic. It should be emphasized that when publishers like Neil Foster, P. Howard Lyons, Jay Marshall and me presented Marlo's creations, we provided factual material. That is, the Work had form and substance, representing something that exists in the world. It was not hearsay. It was not a sycophant's far cry. It was not the stuff of legend."

"It was, however, detailed explanations and factual accounts, making such work an inversion of the old newspaper slogan, 'When a legend becomes fact, print the legend.' In Marlo's case, the facts (of the Work) were translated into articles and books--facts that authorize and make plausible fictions that may arise. So be it. As we stated in volume one, the M.I.N.T. trilogy consolidates material from The New Tops--all the ideas, bits of finesse, effects, sleights, and ideas. Taken in one full swoop its depth and breadth will chasten you. Its possibilities will excite you. Its difficulties will challenge you. Like the French poet, Mallarme, Mario believes that 'everything in the world (of his card magic) exists to end up in books.' As you read and study this second volume, think about the trouble Marlo has taken to translate this belief into reality. Think about his passion and dedication to card magic. In a way, his notes are unsentimental billets-doux to card men of the world. They deserve our attention and homage."

  • #6 Best Seller in Books

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