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Fork Full of Appetizers, Book 2: Seconds from the Forkers 1983 by William P. Miesel


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Page 1: Face Up Cutting the Aces (Harry Carroll)
Page 3: Forget and Remember (Dom Cervas)
Page 5: Challenge Poker Deal (Del Copley)
Page 7: Face Down Poker (John Cornelius)
Page 9: The Invisible Bottom Deal (Tony Econ)
Page 12: The Four Packet Shuffle (Neal Elias)
Page 13: A Gallo Sandwich (Lou Gallo)
Page 15: Flushback (Dan Garrett)
Page 17: Two For One Split (Paul Gertner)
Page 20: Broad Jump (Phil Goldstein)
Page 23: World's Fastest Card Trick (Gene Gordon)
Page 24: Where the Hell Did That Come From? (Bob Haines)
Page 25: Visual Aces (Joe Hammer)
Page 28: Trapped Triumph (Bill Kalush)
Page 31: Devilish Digit Cut (Richard Kaufman)
Page 32: The Simple Killer ("Fast Mike" Lewinski)
Page 34: Old Spell--New Twist (Sid Lorraine)
Page 36: A Test of Flirtatiousness (John F.C. McLachlan)
Page 38: R.M. Card in the Wallet (Ray Mertz)
Page 40: Twice Under the Shot (William Miesel)
Page 43: Repeat Card Under Ashtray (Tom Mullica)
Page 45: Kolossal Kolored Kards ("Obie" O'Brien)
Page 51: What's in the Envelope (Mack Picknick)
Page 53: New King Cut (Michael Skinner)
Page 55: Twisted the Hard Way (Chuck Stanfield)
Page 57: The Final Card (Robert Stencil)
Page 59: Everyplace (Hans E. Trixer)
Page 65: Five-Way Fours (Randy Wakeman)
Page 67: Holy-Holey (David Walker)
Page 69: Here Come the Aces (Carl Wiesinger)
Page 71: The Missionary Who Came as Dinner (Philip R. Willmarth)
Page 72: Royal Miracle (Meir Yedid)
Page 75: The Dealer Wins (Frank Zak)
Page 76: Multiple Switch-In (Herb Zarrow)
More Cards
Page 78: Sweet, Lorayne! (Allan Slaight)
Page 82: Gambo Magique (Robert Farmer)
Page 87: The Irish Card Routine (Joe Riding)
Page 91: Reshuffling Unshuffled (Robert Wicks)
Page 96: De-Material-ization (Bruce Barnett)
Page 98: Squeaky-Clean Transposition (Jon Brunelle)
Page 99: Four Coins and a Purse (Tom Craven)
Page 102: Susie B. (Ed Eckl)
Page 104: More Than a Penetration (Mike Gallo)
Page 105: Double Reverse Matrix (Bob King)
Page 108: New Karate Coin (Gary Ouellet)
Page 109: Coin Through Balloon (Peter Tappan)
Page 110: Using the Hand as a Servante (Victor Trabucco)
Misc. Close Up
Page 112: Bill to Cigarette (Michael Ammar)
Page 115: The Hole(y) Tearer (Roy Cottee)
Page 117: Four Dice Repeat (Dave Drake)
Page 118: Calendar Card (Carl T. Dreher)
Page 119: Dusheck's Dollar (Steve Dusheck, Jr.)
Page 121: La Paloma II (Jim Gabor)
Page 122: Two Rings and a Rope (Michael Gorman)
Page 124: The Shadow Switch (Carl Herron)
Page 127: Shooting a Girl into a Nest of Boxes (Richard Hughes)
Page 128: Dollar Duo Digits (Roy Miller)
Page 129: Bill in the Cigarette (Karl Norman)
Page 132: Polychromatic Gum (Rev. O. T. Slem)
Page 134: The Ring Thing (Warren Stephens)
Page 136: Cocktail Sword and Straw (Wally Wilson)
Page 137: Dice Climax (Tommy Wonder)
Page 138: The Broken and Restored Ring (Ron Zollweg) - Book

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