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Nathan Kranzo is coming to Diamond's!

Watch Nathan's Wizard Wars episode on March 5th!

And then come and see Nathan LIVE at Diamond's on

Monday March 23nd at 7pm!

Tickets are $20

(lecture time approximately 2 hrs)

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Here are our upcoming Lectures and Events:

Sunday March 8th, 5PM at Diamond's: Evan Northrup's Magic Show, GAMBITS!

Monday March 23nd, 7PM at Diamond's: Nathan Kranzo's "All New Stuff" Lecture!

AND ! ...

Coming Soon to Diamond's!...

David Roth!

(and some time this year as well... DARYL!!!)


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Ash and Ember by Zach Heath
Our Price: $49.95


In magic there are few things more visually striking than the visible changing of an object. Ash & Ember delivers
The Social Deck (DVD and Gimmic
Our Price: $49.95

Wow. Gaff deck meets Facebook. I love this!"
- Joshua Jay
Our Price: $13.00

Houdini Credit Card Style Lock Pick Took Kit
Our Price: $29.95

A very cleverly concealed 5 piece lock
Spinnerets (DVD&Gimmicks) by St
Our Price: $39.95



Spinnerets are the smallest thread reels in the world, and can be s
Troublewit Simplified from Morrisey Magic
Our Price: $5.00

NEVER BEFORE-so far as is known in the long history of magic-has a book been written which offers the very essence and basic moves of the art of Troublewit. There may have been published routines and patter, but none have explained or illustrated—move by move—the handling of Troublewit.

TROUBLEWIT SIMPLIFIED shows how to unfold and form every one of 29 different designs. It shows how to handle Troublewit without damage, so that it will be used over and over again, for innumerable performances.

TROUBLEWIT SIMPLIFIED is unique in that it shows in no less than 38 beautifully clear illustrations exactly how to fold, unfold and form the various designs.

It offers six different routines by such experts as Jim Reilly, Jack Read, Jimmy Lake and includes, an entirely original routine by Norman Cummins, featuring a fresh approach in patter and designs.

6 different routinest38 illustrationst29 basic designs

A slim book which contains everything you must know about Troublewit. 5½" x 8½", softbound. Illustrated cover and art work by Sid Lorraine. 30 fact filled pages.

TOM OGDEN, on receiving a copy, writes, and we quote. "Troublewit has always been one of my favorites, and it is now one of my three top routines in my show. Your book, by the way, is excellent. There has been a real need for routines on Troublewit, and with the minds and work that has done the job, this book is just what was needed."

It you’ve never bothered with Troublewit, just read this book! When your finished, you’ll certainly want to try your hand at this fascinating form of entertainment.
Extortion (DVD and Gimmick) by Patrick Kun and SansMinds
Our Price: $29.95

Not since the mob, has it been this easy to change money.
Extortion by Patrick Kun & SansMinds has taken bill changes to a new level. <
Our Price: $85.00

A large bill (at least a $20) is secured in the plastic frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame. Six

SALE PRICE: $749.00

4 E ILLUSION DESIGN by Mark Parker
Our Price: $78.00


Today's Super Deal!

The Matchbox Penetration

Our Price: $34.95
SALE PRICE: $19.95
Savings: $15.00
You show a small box--the kind that holds wooden matches. You take a toothpick and push it right through the

Top Selling Effects

Fair Play DVD and Gimmick by Steve Haynes
Our Price: $39.95
ACE Cards and DVD
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $15.00
Hands Free Prediction by Lynx Magic
Our Price: $24.95
The Volunteer Swindler
Our Price: $25.00