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Anti-Bullying Hippity Hops (Large) by Imagin-If Magic
Our Price: $160.00

A new twist on the Classic Hippity Hop Rabbit Trick, but with a moral to the story regarding Bullying. The bully tries to catch the Timid Guy but fails each time. Not only do the kids think that they have figured out the trick but a twist at the end teaches them a GREAT lesson about BULLYING.

This is the 12" version
Our Price: $20.00

The performer displays 12 Rack Cards for local attractions (use your own), participant selects one freely and the performer can divine all that is on the chosen card!
Extortion (DVD and Gimmick) by Patrick Kun and SansMinds
Our Price: $29.95

Not since the mob, has it been this easy to change money.
Extortion by Patrick Kun & SansMinds has taken bill changes to a new level. <
Disposable Deck 2.0 (red) by David Regal - Trick
Our Price: $30.00

Do a trick. Crush your deck. Throw it away. Disposable Deck!

A versatile utility gimmick, DISPOSABLE DECK is used by magicians a
Double Vision by Larry Becker & Lee Earle
Our Price: $100.00

One Concept, Two Minds, Three Spectacular Climaxes (and a Partridge in a pear tree)! It's the mental miracle that sets the standard against which all others will be compared.

Double Vision is a beautifully produced, soft-cover European travel guide, gaffed to high heaven in ways that are only visible to you.

The oversize book (5-1/4 x 8 inches) contains more than 100 different photos, city maps for walking tours, pen & ink drawings, travel poster replicas distributed through all 235 pages of text and no two pages are alike. Double Vision adds a world of sophistication and panache to your performances. Between these covers, our elegant new methodology frees up your mind ... to blow theirs! Double Vision will enable you to accomplish feats never before possible.
Reveal a single word or, if you wish, uncannily describe the subject matter of multiple sentences;
Your participant can look at any page in the book and you will be able to accurately reproduce incredible detail from any drawings, illustrations, and photos which are there - no matter where the book is opened.
Mentally follow your participants as they take out-of-body walking tours, specifically identifying the tourist attractions where they stop;
Draw or sketch images merely visualized in your participant's mind. And that's just for starters!
No duplicate photos, illustrations, maps, or blocks of text. Every page is truly different. No crib sheets or extraneous devices required. No long/short words. No anagrams. No forces. No impressions. No pre-show work. Nothing added or taken away.

Double Vision is totally self-contained and can be performed as a stand-alone routine or used to compliment other book tests such as Ultimate Flashback and DreamTest.

Read what others had to say about this great new product:

"How good is this book test? Double Vision will go into my act! Double Vision is easy to perform. It builds upon the same methodology used to perform Flashback. But, it is so much stronger than Flashback. Larry and Lee have truly displayed their combined creative genius with this book test. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as they dreamed up all the clever ways this book is gaffed. I can hear them both laughing as they each added just one more feature. Bravo to Larry and Lee for producing a book test for the serious mentalist!"
- Chuck Hickok U.S.A.
Bicycle Day of The Dead by Collectable Playing Cards
Our Price: $12.95

Day of the Dead (Spanish: D?a de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday foc
Best of British
Our Price: $40.00

It has influenced some of the world's greatest magicians.
It temporarily put a World War on hold.
The odds of it actually happening are staggeri
Dollar Sized Penny
Our Price: $10.00

High Quality Dollar Sized US Penny.

Diameter: 1.5"
Patrified (DVD and Gimmick) by Patrick Kun and SansMinds
Our Price: $34.95

SansMinds presents the amazing Patrick Kun in action. This is a complete collection of Patrick's most updated work. Are you ready to be "Patrified"?

Seven Killer Effects

1. Be-Tween Production
Rub two jokers at your finger tips and a card visually appears in between the jokers. PK style!

2. PK Double
A single handed double lift with just the right balance of flourish and practicality to perform for live audience.

3. Inflict Evolved
The first visual sandwich effect that allows your spectator to do the magic. The moment they touch a card, it visually changes to another. The evolved Inflict.

4. Centerpoint Retouch
The updated display version of Patrick's signature Centerpoint effect. Slick and sweet!

5. Morf
This is the effect everyone is talking about. Four random visually transform into any four of a kind of your choice.

6. DIY Aces
Patrick's take on spectator cuts to the aces. It has never been easier!

7. Snowblind
Patrick's ultimate finale for his everyday professional card routine. What's your excuse not to learn it?

**Comes with special gimmick produced from USPC. Supply your own blank deck


"The DVD contains some useful sleight of hand moves and effects that one can probably put to use. I found some to work up and place into my close-up card arsenal. I found lots to like about this DVD."
Wayne Kawamoto, 10/1/2014 Full Review

"It is rare on a multi-trick DVD that I look at everything and think that any piece would fit into my working repertoire. I have already added a couple things and will continue to add them as I become more confident."
Josh Burch, MyLovelyAssistant 7/11/2014 Full Review

"If you are looking for some solid material that is very visual, very magical and overall not difficult to do, this is the DVD for you! VERY highly recommended! "
Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 8/25/2014 Full Review

"It's just genius, modern coin magic."
Sean Heydon, Wizard Product Reviews 10/22/2014 Full Review

"...this is a very good effort and something that card guys are going to want to check out. Recommended."
Marc Desouza, M-U-M Magazine 9/18/2014

"If you like visual card magic, you will definitely enjoy this."
Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine 9/23/2014

"This DVD offers something for every card worker and I can certainly see many including some of Patrick’s routines in to their repertoire."
Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 10/10/2014

"If card magic is your passion, this is worth your consideration."
Joe M Turner, Genii Magazine 10/21/2014
Magic Magazine September 2014
Our Price: $6.50

Blake Vogt: Coming to Light
By Jamie D. Grant
People scoffed when Blake Vogt said he wanted to design illusions for Las Vegas

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Coinvexed by David Penn

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