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The Invisible Gun by Devin Knight - Trick
Price: $12.00

A classic effect from the past, now revised with a new and improved method. Imagine showing your hand to be empty, front and back, then forming it int
Bigger Wands (Consignment)
Price: $125.00

No longer made. This is a consignment piece in as new condition. Complete, bag and all wands.

Bigger Wands is a great prop to add to
Token by Paul Richards (DVD + Gimmicks)
Price: $40.00

52 Pieces Of Paper by Idan Kaufman and Big Blind Media
Price: $29.95

52 Pieces of Paper is an exciting collection of truly elegant card magic. Five versatile. and impressive moves. Five stylish productions. And fiv
Change Bag TR (Green) by Bazar de Magia
Price: $29.00

Greatest Utility Ever! Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - VANISHED! Turn the bag inside out ag
Silicone Egg by Alan Wong - Trick
Price: $10.00

A very convincing standard white shell egg made from quality silicone.

Can be compressed into a very small space and will retain it's shape when exp
Folding Coin Quarter (D0021) (Traditional w/DVD) by Tango Magic
Price: $16.00


The magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak
Heirloom WALLET Deluxe (Trick Separate)
Price: $68.00

This wallet which is also known as "The Shogun 11" Wallet, has had a lot of time and effort put into designing and perfecting the multiple out wa
Bicycle Elegance Deck (Limited Edition) by Collectable Playing Cards
Price: $19.95

The Bicycle Elegance deck is one of the highest quality decks ever created. Pure "elegance" and detail printed on Bee Stock by USPCC
Cody's Comedy Book Test by Cody Fisher & the Magic Estate
Price: $64.95

Right out of Cody Fisher's corporate Stand Up act. This is simply the funniest and most effective comedy book test you can do. Three killer phases with twists, turns, hysterical wordplay and an unexpected punch at the finish. This is the only book test you will ever need or want to do for your audiences. Packs small, plays massive, and perfect for your next show, this is Cody's Comedy Book Test!

- 10 min of solid impressive mind reading with a killer ending.
- Customize the routine with your own books.
- Learn what ungimmicked books Cody uses and why for maximum entertainment value.
- Can be performed as one, two, or three phases.
- Packs small, plays massive and easy to do.
- Package includes DVD with live performances / detailed explanation and gimmicked book.


"The gimmicked book, if used by itself, will give you a quick routine that would me ideal for MC work. Add in the extra two books (which can be any two regular books) and you have a full routine that will give you at least 10 minutes of entertainment. You do not have to use the same books as Cody, if you can find other books that suit you better then it is easily customisable"
Phil Shaw, The Peek 11/3/2014 Full Review

"This is without a doubt the funniest and most entertaining book test I 've ever come across. It will definitely need a nerve and a special event to perform it, but it is totally worth it both for the effect itself but also for the hilarious lines that Cody is offering here."
Titanas, Reviewer 10/22/2014

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The Matchbox Penetration

Price: $34.95
Deal of the Day Price: $19.95
You show a small box--the kind that holds wooden matches. You take a toothpick and push it right through the

Top Selling Effects

The Volunteer Swindler
Price: $25.00
ACE (Cards and DVD)
Price: $19.95
Fiedlers Flier by Daryl - Trick
Price: $5.00
Price: $29.00
Loxley by David Forrest - DVD+G
Price: $33.00