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Bicycle Elegance Deck Emerald (Limited Edition)
Price: $24.95

The Bicycle Elegance deck is one of the highest quality decks ever created. Pure "elegance" and detail printed on Bee Stock by USPCC
Sale Price: $400.00


SPONGE Starring Jay Noblezada
Price: $19.95

Sponge balls are simple. All we're talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge. But

there's a reason top professionals use sponge balls when they're getting paid to perform.

The entertainment potential is HUGE.

When you're out on the streets. When you're working a party. When you're working a restaurant gig. If you've got sponge balls in your pocket, you've got five minutes of the most memorable and fun magic on earth. They jump. They pop. They hide. They multiply. And they do it in your spectator's hands!

But, your sponge balls won't do the work for you. You've got to ENTERTAIN with them! That's where Noblezada comes in.

Noblezada has put together a course that will take you from beginner to pro with sponge balls faster than ever before. You'll start with the basics and build toward complete routines you can do in professional walk-around situations.

Along the way you'll improve your sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and all-around performance skills.

Classics are classics for a reason. Adding sponge balls to your repertoire is one of the best decisions in magic.

You'll learn:

Palms and Concealments
finger palm
front clip
thumb palm
back thumb clip
sponge ball classic
standard vanish
thumb palm vanish
retention vanish
take vanish
french drop
2 hand vanish
push out
pinch production (Gary Darwin)
stage production
pocket steals
Loads and Splits
standard load
bold load
the shuttle pass
sawing in half
rip split
optical split
final loads
full length routine
2 in the hand, 1 in the pocket
the 10 count
Special Bonus

Go backstage to Gary Darwin's museum where Darwin teaches over a dozen techniques--retention vanishes, productions, steals, entire routines... Darwin is a legend, and this is your chance to learn from the man himself. Running Time: Approx. 90 Minutes
Manufacturer Says
This package includes an instructional DVD + 4 Goshman Super Soft 2" Sponge Balls (RED).
Bicycle Skull Metallic (Silver) USPCC by Gambler's Warehouse
Price: $9.95

This design was taken from a historic plate in the Bicycle® Brand archives, then updated for the 21st century. T
The Poker Test 2.0
Price: $24.95

A NEW versatile method that requires no sleights using a simple and incredibly powerful routine that leaves audiences astounded at the miracle they ju
Rubber Bang! by Sean Yang
Price: $29.95

With nothing but a deck of cards and a rubber band, you too can dazzle your audience with a host of excitingly kinetic magic tricks! Instead of pickin
Juice (for Red and Blue Decks)
Price: $20.00

Magic at the speed of sight! What is invisible to your audience, even under close inspection, is clearly visible to you from across the room!

It's a
S2C by Johnny Wong
Price: $99.95

Johnny Wong 's S2C is the latest coin magic from Johnny.

All coin magic fans know that Johnny Wong's coin gimmicks ar
Flash Appearing Christmas Banner
Price: $40.00

Flash Appearing Birthday Banner
Price: $40.00


Today's Super Deal!

Alchemy Vision - Limited Edition - Brass!

Price: $39.00
Deal of the Day Price: $19.95
Five different painted brass rods are shown. The magician turns his back while a spectator takes one, places it into the brass tube, and hides the remaining rods in the black sack. The magician then turns around and without touching or opening the container, tells what color rod is concealed in the container. The gimmick is incredible and undetectable! Long-lasting quality you expect!

Top Selling Effects

The Volunteer Swindler
Price: $25.00
Price: $15.00
Price: $34.95
Price: $29.00
Loxley by David Forrest - DVD+G
Price: $33.00