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Loxley by David Forrest - DVD+G
Price: $33.00

Dave Forrest presents 'LOXLEY'! A killer 'predicted card at number effect' with a stunning kicker!

You send a picture message to your participants mobile phone (or, you can just hand them an envelope with a picture inside if you prefer) - it's your prediction. You hand them a Joker and ask them to push it anywhere they like, face up into the face down deck. It's a completely free choice, they can genuinely push it in where they like. You explain that whatever card is ABOVE the Joker will be the focus of the experiment. But, you also don't want to know where that Joker lies in the deck so, the spectator is instructed to freely cut the cards as many times as he wishes so that no one could possibly even estimate the position of that Joker. Two things are certain. One - no one could know which card lies above the Joker. And two - no one could possibly know at which position in the deck that card lies. You spread through and locate the Joker, leaving it out-jogged. You now count cards from the top down until you reach the card directly above the Joker - it's the Jack of Clubs and it's exactly 16 cards down in the deck. The participant checks the picture message on their mobile phone - it's a photograph of a Jack of Clubs with a small post-it stuck on the face which reads '16th' in bold black letters! You mention that, in fact, you were so certain of this outcome that you didn't actually bother using the rest of the cards. The deck is turned face up and every single card is freely shown to be completely BLANK! It's completely unfathomable and the reactions are THROUGH THE ROOF!

�Loxley is VERY EASY TO DO - no sleight of hand!
�Loxley is completely customisable - you can change which number the card ends up at.
�Loxley is the PERFECT WAY to hand out your contact info - just include it on the photgraph that you send to their phone.
�Loxley is a WORKER - instant re-set, easy to do, impossible to deconstruct.
�Loxley does NOT use a phone App. It's not a tech thing - you can just hand out the prediction photo in an envelope if you prefer.

Blank deck
Gaff cards
Instructional DVD
Customizable printable and 'smartphone optimised' prediction images are included on the DVD.


""I performed Loxley to group of magicians last night. One of them, a working mentalist, offered me �100 for the trick! This is seriously strong!""
Jamie Ferguson, Reviewer 7/28/2014
Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Te
Price: $80.00

Sheer Luck - The Comedy Book Test by Shawn Farquhar

Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, performs and explains in detail an effect that has been used in his show since 2011 when he presented it at the famed 4F convention in New York
TUC Saint Gauden (D0157) by Tango
Price: $90.00

T.U.C will be a classic!!T.U.C it's really a revolution.Contents:3 Fly Coin Chink a Chink Matrix Coin Across Coins to Glass Coins thru Table Coin thru Note Coin thru Hand Coins thru Glass Okito Box Routine Signed Coin to Can Scotch and Soda Routines Copper and Silver Routines And many more tips, techniques and passes to improve your T.U.C routines.
Heirloom WALLET Deluxe (Trick Separate)
Price: $68.00

This wallet which is also known as "The Shogun 11" Wallet, has had a lot of time and effort put into designing and perfecting the multiple out wallet so that it is completely deceptive and absolutely practical for real-world use.

This wallet has been specially designed in dark leather to make performing the effect easier than ever before. And a special built-in feature allows you to show the wallet empty after you remove your prediction, eliminating any doubt in your spectator's mind!

After the phenomenal success of Heirloom, we are very excited about the new companion wallet, which will also come with additional ideas and routines that will enable you to perform a number of high-impact, killer mentalism effects.
Price: $195.00

The Atomic Ball. Magic from the
The Volunteer Swindler
Price: $25.00

Two bills are displayed, a regular $10 bill, and a $5 bill with a slit in the center.
Both bills are placed into your wallet. Explaining to the audience, that whenever you are in a store or a bar and the bill is $10. You always pay using only the $5 bill, with the slit in it. The $5 bill is folded in a split second, to look EXACTLY like two $5 dollar bills. If the specially folded bill attracts suspicion, its no problem, you are a magician. The two $5's instantly and visibly change into a $10 bill.

The $5 bill, with the slit, is now back inside your otherwise empty wallet.

This is a super visual, stunning bill transposition. Both the bills change and the slit vanishes.
Its easy to do and a real winner. You will love to carry this you everywhere you go.

The Volunteer Swindler can also be performed with other bills/notes from many different countries, including Euros & Uk notes.

Comes with training bills and a step by step instructional DVD.
Change Bag TR (Green) by Bazar de Magia
Price: $29.00

Greatest Utility Ever! Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - VANISHED! Turn the bag inside out again - APPEARANCE! Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag Producing! Vanishing! Changing! One hand activated.

This new style change bag is remarkably well made, made of nylon, which is highly shock and intensive use resistant material; also the magic change bag structure design has been changed to considerably improve their performance. Comes complete with an online manuscript (*.pdf file) showing 25 change bag magic trick routines in English French, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese languages.

It's a prop you'll be proud to own.
Price: $85.00

A large bill (at least a $20) is secured in the plastic frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame. Six keys are shown to the spectators. It is demonstrated that only one of the keys will open the lock. The keys are mixed up in a bag. Five volunteers are given a free choice of key leaving one left for the magi. They are told that if their key opens the lock and releases the $20.00 bill it will be theirs to keep. Before each volunteer is asked to try his or her key, they are asked if they would like to trade it for the key you are holding. Each person in turn tries their key, unfortunately none of the keys work the lock. The only key left is for the magi, which happens to open the lock. The magi therefore retains the cash.

This is a great effect to use as a sucker trick at a kid's party. Children love the chance to win some money. If you use a smaller amount like a $2.00 bill it is a great way to control a win to the birthday boy or girl who acts as the magi.

The Invisible Gun by Devin Knight - Trick
Price: $12.00

A classic effect from the past, now revised with a new and improved method. Imagine showing your hand to be empty, front and back, then forming it into a finger gun and shooting at an object. Much to the surprise of the audience, they hear an actual bang! Devin Knight's new Invisible Gun will allow you to do just that, and do it without the use of any caps, explosives or hidden shooting devices. A new method that is 100% safe. No chemicals or thumb tips needed. No expensive gadgets to buy either. You can do this within minutes of reading the ingenious secret. Anytime in your routines, you can add to the effect by forming your hand into a gun and firing at the object with a bang being heard. You can do this during walk-around magic gigs and repeat the effect whenever you wish. You can place a coin into one hand; form the other hand into a gun and fire causing the coin to vanish. Create the shooting wand effect with any ordinary wand. No need to buy those expensive shooting wands. Just pick up any wand and wave it and you will get a bang. Wand is not gimmicked in any way. THE BULLET CARD: Here is a routine that is included with this release. Take a deck of cards and have one selected and left in the middle of the deck. Show both hands to be empty, then form the right hand into a finger gun. Aim at the deck and fire your finger gun. A loud bang is heard. Hand the deck to the spectator and ask him to remove his card. Much to his surprised, his card now has a bullet hole in it, complete with burn marks. He can examine the deck and there are no duplicate cards. This is a new bit of business that is not being done nowadays and will be a real novelty to your audiences. Complete with full photographic directions and special Bicycle Bullet card to use with any normal deck. Easy to do.
Mouth Coil 46 ft by David Cresey (Black and Orange)
Price: $24.00

These are the most popular Cresey mouth coils. The bright colors show up great even from a distance. Each coil is 46 feet long and has been tightly wound into a tiny bundle. Easy to conceal. Reach into your mouth and a large colorful paperchain begins to emerge. You continue to pull and to the growing amazement of your audience the paperchain gets longer and longer!

Each package contains 12 non-reusable coils.
Occult Deck (Limited Ed.) by Gambler's Warehouse
Price: $15.00

56 Sleek Playing Cards manufactured on Quality Bicycle® Stock Paper using the same processes as the world's leading playing card.

  • Custom Face Cards, Court Cards, Jokers and Tuck-Box
  • Printing by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Available in Bicycle® Branded and Un-branded Decks
  • Collector's Limited Edition
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Bicycle Bacon Lovers Playing Card by Collectable Playing Cards - Trick
    Price: $10.00

    It's time to dig into the most delicious deck on the market with Bacon Lovers Playing Cards. You can smell the crisp aroma from this deck just by looking at it. Feast your eyes on the array of pigs teasing you with their plump bellies and endless amounts of juicy bacon. This deck will be created by Collectable Playing Cards and printed by USPCC.
    Sale Price: $400.00


    Here's the tale of a special carton of milk. Pour a pitcher of chocolate milk into a paper milk carton. You then proceed to pour the the milk back out of the carton into six individual glasses. The magic comes from the fact that every single time you pour a drink into the clear plastic glasses, the liquid visibly changes into a variety of different drink options! White Milk, Strawberry Milk, Cola, Orange Juice, Ginger Ale, and Beer are all poured from the carton until the carton is completely empty. When you are done, you can rip open the milk carton to show that there are no secret or hidden chambers inside!

    Best of all, you can immediately pass out all the drinks you just poured to be tested by the audience. Once the audience tastes their drink, they will discover that it really is the drink it appears to be! Truly, an astonishing piece of stage magic that can be shared with the whole audience!

    Price: $50.00

    Oscar Munoz gives you everything you need to entertain an audience!

    On this two DVD set, watch as Oscar performs his workers in his 50 minute show. The billiard balls, the rings, his 2 rope routine and more, plus a revealing conversation with Kozmo about developing comedy in magic.

    You'll be amazed at what's inside!

    Live Show

    2 Rope Trick

    This is a practical multi-phased rope routine based on the original "Sand-Sational" from George Sands. It begins with an amazing production of "ends" of the rope, and then transitions into a beautiful two-rope sequence. As ever, Oscar takes you through the routine step by step, giving all the nuances and touches on how to present this to a family audience.

    3 Rope Trick
    This is an exceedingly clever way of dressing up Professor's Nightmare. Rather than doing the classic trick in the same old way, Munoz shows two sets of ropes: one set has three ropes of equal length and the other set has three ropes of different lengths. Under test conditions and as visibly as possible, Munoz causes the sizes of the ropes to transpose.

    Linking Rings
    Learn this elegant version of the Linking Rings from a master of the classics: Oscar Munoz. Oscar's routine uses just three rings and it showcases several original, visual penetration sequences. The routine is best suited to music or light patter, and it's the perfect length for a family audience.

    Billiard Balls
    The billiard ball manipulation effect is a classic, yet good, PRACTICAL routines are almost impossible to come by. Oscar details a fun, comedic yet elegant routine that incorporates three color changes, a production sequence, and an elegant finale. He details all the props, moves, and routining that you need to perform this routine. Best of all, his routine is designed to look amazing from far away and quite close, so it's perfect for family shows or parlor audiences.

    Balloon Swallow
    One of the most popular parlor routines EVER is taught to us by Oscar, with all his professional touches. There is hardly ANYTHING that a magician can do to elicit a stronger reaction than to seemingly swallow a long balloon. This is the method to do it safely and entertainingly.

    Mouse in Bag

    And MORE!


    "...a working professional tipping his work and passing on his hard earned experience. What a bargain!"
    Dustin Stinett, Genii Magazine 8/30/2013

    "From his comedy rope routine to his uplifting Linking Ring routine these effects are designed to leave a lasting impression on every audience member."
    Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine 6/1/2013
    The Poker Test 2.0
    Price: $24.95

    A NEW versatile method that requires no sleights using a simple and incredibly powerful routine that leaves audiences astounded at the miracle they just witnessed.

    �I like it, I really like it. It is really visual. You get three or four moments of stro
    Medallion by Mystique Factory
    Price: $85.00

    Solid steel pendant changes in the spectator's hand!

    Two spectators select two cards, one each. You take out a medallion and there is a card engraved on it. You turn it over and it's a prediction of a card that matches with the first spectator's card. You hand the medallion to the second spectator. Now comes the hard core part! When you ask the second spectator to think of his card the medallion changes to the second spectator's card.

    The DVD comes with multiple routines included with a fantastic idea by Andrew Gerard!

    The Medallion comes with a precision made gimmick that will last you a lifetime.

    The gimmick is examinable before and after the effect.

    Instant reset

    Easy to do
    Pro Suitcase Table-Large-lgcast
    Sale Price: $525.00

    Lefler Style, Pro Suitcase Table-Large-Solid Black-4 inch Casters.  Interior light, lidded compartment, adjustable shelf.
    Sale Price: $1,099.00

    The Super X levitation has long been the go-to leviation for magicians for decades. This Super X has been completely overhauled and we believe that it is the finest version of this great illusion on the market today. Made of a solid steel base, it features attractive formica laminated colums that are hand made and really give this piece a classy look. Comes complete with cover cloths and a Hula Hoop to pass around your assistant to demonstrate that she (or he) really is floating in mid-air!

    Wayne Houchin Lecture
    Price: $20.00

    Purchase your tickest to our latest fantastic lecture, Wayne Houchin, and reserve your seats today!

    add to to your google calendar!

    Bicycle Elegance Deck (Limited Edition) by Collectable Playing Cards
    Price: $19.95

    The Bicycle Elegance deck is one of the highest quality decks ever created. Pure "elegance" and detail printed on Bee Stock by USPCC

    Printing by the United States Playing Card Company
    56 Playing Cards printed on quality Bee Stock - Cambric Finish
    100% Custom Face Cards, Court Cards, Jokers and Tuck-Box Each card printed front and back with deep gold metallic ink.
    Embossed Tuck Box made with highly reflective gold foil and metallic inks.
    Includes 1 Gaff Card and 1 Joker with a reveal.
    Custom Gold Foil Deck Seal
    Limited edition of 5000 decks - Never to be re-printed again

    * Bee playing cards have been the industry standard for over a century. The most popular deck used in casinos in Las Vegas to Macau, Bee cards are internationally respected as a perfect mix of form and function. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company
    Surya's Device by Sorcery Manuf
    Price: $59.95

    Surya's Device is the next evolution in ITR technology, this is not to be compared with any other ITR release from the past. This takes IT to an entirely new dimension, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Unlike the ITR that depended on an external anchor point, this device is self-contained and perfect for the close-up or street magic performer, no wax balls to worry about makes this a dream come true!

    All the routines with this device use only borrowed props, you start clean and end clean, there is literally no reset involved or required, as long as you have the device with you, you are always ready to go.

    �Surya Device
    �Miracles DVD

    On The Miracle's DVD
    Eight Amazing Routines
    �3 phases of the Haunted Pack routine
    �2 phases of a brilliant breakthrough with the linking rubber bands.
    �The Flying Ring Routine.
    �The Zero G. Currency Floating Bill routine
    �Plus Two Amazing P.K. Effects
    Including lighting tips, Refill install information, Vectra Upgrade refills available, thanks to a special arrangement with Steve Fearson.

    This device is a game changer for the close up performer, many of the past classic routines are now possible in a practical way. The fact that all the props can be examined before and after the routine is just the icing on the cake. We think you will really enjoy using this and we see this device becoming a long term classic just like the ITR. We hope you enjoy using it and look forward to seeing all the amazing routines and innovations that you end up creating, this device is only limited by your imagination.

    All the routines are practical and easy to do.

    No reset required, you are always ready to perform.

    All the props can be borrowed. Starts clean and ends clean.

    Surya's Device is the Next Evolution, a Tool designed by a working professional, for working professionals.
    Magic Castle Coin (Houdini)
    Price: $12.00

    A great souvenir of The Magic Castle, these beautifully crafted palming coins are about the size and weight of a U.S. Silver Dollar.

    Coin features Houdini (in commemoration of the famous Halloween seances) on one side and The Magic Castle on the other.

    NOTE: One coin per package.

    Gift Certificate

    Not sure what you or your friend or loved one wants at Diamond's Magic?

    Why not give the truly magical gift of Diamond's Magic Gift Certificates!

    Send gift certificates electronically or by postal mail today!
    Magic Party or Event
    Price: $250.00

    Your Magical Birthday Party Includes:

    - Two and a Half Hours of Reserved use of our Party Room and Theatre area for your event

    - A Forty Minute Professional Magic Show

    - Tables and Chairs; Cups, Plates and Utensils (as needed)

    - Use of the Coffee Maker and fixings for the adults

    [ Customers will provide Food, Cake, Beverages, Favors, and Ice Cream as desired ]

    Date must be reserved at least 7 days in advance so please call today to reserve your date! Thanks!

    Call 978-535-8950 today to reserve your date(s)!

    The Social Deck (DVD and Gimmic
    Price: $49.95

    Wow. Gaff deck meets Facebook. I love this!"
    - Joshua Jay

    „Soma, the ultra-creative stage magician, has given us an ultra-creative tool for close-up performance. This deck defines NOW."
    - David Regal

    "There is truly no filler on the DVD: every routine is practical, and tested. The tricks are even arranged in sets so there is no need of setting up between the tricks. I love the concept! This is going straight into my show."
    - David Stone

    Card magic meets Facebook. Take you card magic to the 21st century! Social Deck is a custom made deck that contains artwork inspired by various social media sites.

    Finally card magic that makes sense. Aces finding Jacks? Number and picture cards changing places? Who cares? Here you have plots about friend requests, relationships and much-much more. These tricks feel personal and they are immediately interesting to anyone who uses social networks. And if you think about it, that is practically everyone.

    You can use almost any of your favorite card routines with this deck from ambitious card to oil and water. And you will see how much better reactions you will receive even from someone who does not like card tricks at all.
    FISM Grand Prix winner Soma truly understands what captures the attention of today's audiences. He has perfected The Social Deck over hundreds of performances it has been part of his close-up working repertoire for years.
    No extraordinary skill required. If you can do a double lift you can do this.
    The DVD includes 19 different routines explained in detail, a lot of bonus cards are included, bonus online content, and this is only the beginning. With a little bit of creativity you can create you own routines with the Social Deck in no time.

    It's time to give meaning to your card magic!

    Great artwork, handles like your Bicycle deck: cards printed by the USPCC.


    "I'm sure your mind is on fire right now with all of the possibilities."
    Wayne kawamoto, Magic.About.com 8/4/2014 Full Review

    "This is excellent!"
    Sean Heydon, Wizard Product Reviews 7/23/2014 Full Review

    Magic Magazine September 2014
    Price: $6.50

    Blake Vogt: Coming to Light
    By Jamie D. Grant
    People scoffed when Blake Vogt said he wanted to design illusions for Las Vegas magicians. Yet, a few years later, he was doing just that, and he has now consulted for many of the biggest names in magic, in addition to keeping up his own performing career.

    The Official Wizard of San Francisco
    By Mike Ching
    A throwback to the days of the traveling medicine-show pitchman, Dr. H.P. Lovecraft was one of the premier street performers in San Francisco forty years ago. His mixture of magic, comedy, and hokum was influential in the world of vaudeville presented to passersby.

    Mel Mellers, Mirthful Marvel
    By Alan Howard
    Onstage, Mel Mellers manages to remain charming while being cattily insulting to his audience. Offstage, this British comic magician is quietly thoughtful, carefully analyzing his material for maximum impact.

    Latimer's Perception
    By Alan Howard
    Jason Latimer's new show, Perception: See Beyond the Illusion, is not an example of magic versus science; it is proof that the wonder of one leads to the discoveries of the other.

    Plus Updates on...
    Magic Inc. celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with their street being renamed after Jay Marshall
    Rokas Bernatonis set a record for card-throwing, and got a high-profile gig just be asking - repeatedly
    The fortieth anniversary of Tannen's Magic Camp
    Kevin & Caruso return to Atlantic City
    Adrien Brody stars as Houdini in a new miniseries that airs this month
    Remembrances of Basil Owen Smith and Alan "Ace" Greenberg

    Bonus Content for the September Issue...
    Performances by Blake Vogt of Dream Card to Wallet and T-$hirt, plus a video explanation of his origami T-shirt bill fold
    Two new excerpts from Murphy's At The Table Lecture Series: Patrick Kun teaching DIT Aces, and John Guastaferro explains a Zen-like bending straw effect*
    An exclusive ten-minute excerpt of Marvyn Roy reading from his autobiography, Mr. Electric Unplugged, published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words, in which Marvyn tells about creating his light bulb act with Alan Wakeling*
    Bonus video of Jason Latimer
    Bonus video of Rokas Bernatonis
    Convention Podcast: White Magic Convention in Perm, Russian Federation

    Fifteen products are reviewed this month by Peter Duffie, Gabe Fajuri, Jared Kopf, and Francis Menotti:
    The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz
    Close Culls by Harapan Ong
    The Floating Ball by Luis de Matos
    Aurora by Scott Thomson
    X-Change by Julio Montoro and SansMinds Magic
    Noted 2.0 by Gary Jones
    Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel
    Holy COW by Chef Tsao
    Velocity by Rick Smith Jr.
    Infallible by Mark Elsdon
    The Opposite of People by Michael Feldman
    Tear-Apart Vanish
    Senses by Christopher Wiehl

    In One: Blake Vogt
    Although he is only in his twenties, Indiana native Blake Vogt has been making a reputation for himself as a creative consultant for many of today's most noted magicians, as well as establishing a performing career of his own. This month, "In One" features Blake's own descriptions of two of the many tricks he has created. His impromptu version of a Card to Wallet effect is performed for one person, yet adds an element of mystery for the rest of the audience, who think they know what is happening. T-$hirt is an almost instantaneous transformation of a dollar bill into an origami shirt.

    The Monk's Way: Monkey in the Box
    Steve Reynolds
    The now well-known footage of "The Invisible Gorilla" embodied the idea of intentional blindness. However, it was not the first time I had seen this idea used in magic effects. I thought, This is exactly the kind of thing Bro. Hamman employs in his work. I had seen it time and again as I began paying more and more attention to my audiences. In 2002, my colleague B.J. Bueno shared an unpublished idea that used full distraction to put a folded card into a card box. Why not do a similar thing more openly, more boldly? I thought, Perhaps the gorilla wouldn't be seen. It had to be called: Monkey in the Box.

    Loving Mentalism: Sign Language
    Ian Rowland
    Being able to just look at someone and correctly guess his or her star sign is quite an impressive feat. Various methods have been devised over the years, the vast majority relying on having the spectator write something down or ruses such as a progressive anagram. This month's "Loving Mentalism" offers a different approach. It's a wholly impromptu way of giving the impression that you're able to figure out someone's star sign from just a couple of personality questions. There's nothing written down and no props involved. All you need to do is learn the script and you're good to go, anywhere, anytime!

    Bent on Deception: To Script or Not to Script: That is the Question
    Mike Bent
    It's back-to-school time! And for me, that means teaching. I'm starting my 25th year teaching at Emerson College in Boston. One of the classes I teach essentially functions as a sketch comedy group. We brainstorm ideas, write sketches, revise them, submit them, vote on them, rehearse them, and perform them in front of a live audience. It is hands-on, practical work. It also mirrors what I do with my act. I think of all my routines as one-person sketches, and they're sketches written in script form. There's been a lot of talk about magicians and scripting. Is scripting good or bad? I believe scripting is a great idea and a horrible idea at the same time. Let me explain.

    Classic Correspondence: Lloyd Jones to Dave Fiscus (Part 3)
    Mike Caveney
    We return with Lloyd Jones' letter to Dave Fiscus, written in 1958. This third and final installment again represents a master's thesis on the state of the magic world in America during the middle of the 20th century. Lloyd continues to point out the pros and cons - well, mostly cons - of becoming a full-time professional magician.

    For What It's Worth: The Great American Suitcase Act
    Mark Kornhauser
    When a great artist tries to create a great piece of magic, he or she must ask: Am I creating wonder? Am I true to myself? Does this separate me from all the rest? And yet some of the cleverest magicians I know, the ones who seem to work all the time, often ask themselves a different first question: Will it fit in my suitcase?

    Walkabout Soup: The Great Australian Rope Drought of 2008
    Simon Coronel
    It's a well-established view that many of the best rope routines involve genuinely cutting the rope - which means they also involve keeping one's rope stocks topped up. Before 2008, that was easy. Rope was cheap. Rope was plentiful. Rope was so easily available that most people didn't bother keeping stockpiles of it. Then the dark days came. In early 2008, the factory closed. The Australian magic industry was plunged into a sudden and severe rope drought. Magicians realized too late that they had become overly reliant on a single supplier.
    Classic Monsters Playing Cards by Classics Playing Cards - Trick
    Price: $9.95

    These Classic Monsters are shaking off the dust and are ready to terrorize once again.The first ever deck from Classics Playing Cards presents Classic Monsters. Each card gives a nostalgic look back at the founding fathers of Monsters. Printed by USPCC, these Monsters can't wait to make a come-back in your collection. This iconic photo of Frankenstein gives a sneak peak of what is lurking inside. Carefully open the deck to release the lost souls who have been trapped for decades. We stayed true to the classics and created the deck completely in black and white. The court cards are a beautiful collection of the most iconic Monsters in the world. Each card is custom designed and displays both a front facing image as well as a side profile. King of Hearts: Frankenstein Queen of Hearts: Bride of Frankenstein Jack of Hearts: The Phantom of the Opera King of Spades: The Wolf-Man Queen of Spades: The Creature From The Black Lagoon Jack of Spades: The Invisible Man King of Diamonds: The Mummy Queen of Diamonds: King Kong Jack of Diamonds: The Mad Scientist King of Clubs: Dracula Queen of Clubs: Godzilla Jack of Clubs: Nosferatu
    Shadow Tent (Consignment)
    Price: $1,250.00

    Consignment item in as New condition. Only one available. Never been removed from its bag!

    Introducing the new and improved
    shadow box illusion.

    Specially designed by a team of professional
    magicians and custom manufactured by a
    leading tent fabricator, the Shadow Tent is
    every magician's dream come true.

    The Shadow Tent is durable,
    extremely light weight, packs super small,
    sets up in minutes, and it is affordable

    Dimensions fully set up:

    5' by 5'
    54" tall inside
    65" to the top of the poles

    The inside of the tent is a little
    less than 4' by 4' at the base.

    Dimensions in bag:

    30" long 8" wide
    (considerably larger than the actual tent
    rolled up, so it is really easy to pack in and there is
    room for your light and extension cord)

    Only 10 pounds

    The Shadow Tent is made with the finest materials,
    including super light-weight aluminum poles.

    It is specially designed to have the best angles of any shadow box on the market
    (notice the pole sleeves create natural flaps that easily conceal more than one person if you like).

    There is a zipper in the front that makes the tent look like a normal tent and the zipper
    can be used to show the tent empty. The whole front panel brakes away with
    Velcro tabs for a real cool appearance.

    The tent is specially designed to be able to revolve 360 degrees with a person hidden inside.
    There are a few hidden poles for stability and a hole in the top back for the light.

    And the creative posibilites are endless,
    click here for performance ideas!

    "I don't want other magicians to have this,
    I would like to be the only one."

    - Mac King

    "This is a great idea.... I can't wait to use it."

    - Kevin James

    "I have seen A lot of Shadow Box illusions
    and this one is the best! "
    - Gary Darwin (Magic Historian, Magician, and Author)

    "Powerful! Practical! And it packs a punch! The Shadow Tent is
    an excellent portable illusion for the working professional."
    - Andrew Mayne (host of the Magic Radio Show)

    "Seeing it up close and in action I can say
    that it is well made, packs really small, and can up your performance
    fee by at least 300 bucks for bringing ‘an illusion’."
    - Scott Alexander (magician, dealer, and inventor)

    "The old cliché "Packs small, plays big" definitely applies to this illusion.
    With today's travel expenses, every magician ought to have this one."
    - Tony Hassini (founder of International Magicians Society)

    "A girl from light has always been mysterious and
    magical. This illusion really brings you both."
    - Rocco (Magician and magic Developer)

    "Some illusion ads brag that it will fit in the trunk of your car.
    this one will fit in the little basket on the front of your bike."
    - Ricky Brandon (Las Vegas magician and consultant)

    "Very well made to last years"
    - Dave Goodsell, Mum Magazing
    click here to read full review

    "I again recommend this illusion very highly"
    - Danny Orleans, Genii Magazine
    click here to read full review

    Retail $1450
    No Longer Available

    Bigger Wands (Consignment)
    Price: $125.00

    No longer made. This is a consignment piece in as new condition. Complete, bag and all wands.

    Bigger Wands is a great prop to add to
    any magic show to make it even more fun and more exciting for the kids.

    It comes with 7 foam wands that kids love, ranging in size from 6" to more than 7 feet.

    The largest wand is great for photos that will, in turn,
    keep people talking about your show and get you more bookings.

    You can even use the wands as an upsell. We have added
    them to family shows as an upsell dozens of times for $200 or more
    (yep, more than the cost of the wands)!

    Price: $24.00

    Are you ready for some unusual, bizarre sponge magic?
    If you are looking for something different, something strange, then sponge eyeballs are for you. Close up horror themed magic for your upcoming Halloween show or your next children party.

    Perfect for an alternative cups and eyeballs routine. Use them for jokes and gags. Put a fork into your eye and (pretend) pluck out an eyeball, if you are into that sort of things. The set comes with four sponge eyeballs without instructions.


    "I especially recommend this "eye-catching" prop for anyone looking to grab someone's eye with something novel."
    Jeff McBride, MyLovelyAssistant 7/8/2009 Full Review

    Today's Super Deal!

    Beggar Coins by Hank Moorehouse

    Price: $50.00
    This is a wonderful set of ulitlity coins that comes with four 1/2 dollar sized coins, two shells, one larger coin, and a split coin for penetrations.

    The coins themselves are very solid and heavy, and much nicer than many chinese coins I have seen recently. It also comes with 5 pages of routines by Tony Chaudhuri.

    A great outfit and a great price!

    The coins also work fine for Troy Hooser's Charming Chinese Challenge!

    Please note: Coins are slightly tarnished due to the age of the sets but can easily be cleaned and brought back to their original luster.